About Us

We are Nelson (Buzz) & Julia Christianson; ex-cabinetmaker (and scenic carpenter) and ex-administrator in the nonprofit sector.

We were looking for something to believe in; indeed, something with which to get obsessed and stay obsessed.

We found a place in the midst of family. Our connection with the area goes back sixty years and more; Buzz's grandfather Nelson Christianson founded Christianson's Furniture in Mishawaka, Indiana, in 1912, and a few years later he purchased a cottage on Gravel Lake, approximately six miles from the greenhouse location. Both the furniture company and the cottage are still in the family, and most of our remaining family is within 100 miles of this place.

In acquiring the greenhouse, we were vouchsafed a chance to live the way we've always said we wanted to live; offered, indeed, a layered community of which we might become a part.

On CR 352, and in the countryside at large, we find evidence that we have begun to succeed. Thank you, each and all.