The Plants

Another greenhouse season has come to an end. We are leaving the 2012 plant descriptions here for those who planted some of our plants and might want to check again on the varieties.

Each plant name is a link to the seed purveyor's web page for that plant – the page will open in a pop-up window so you can see a photo and a description. (Please make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups.) "OG" means the seeds are certified organic. All plants are raised in the organic manner.

For our 2013 customers, a list of tomatoes, with descriptions and pictures, is available here, and the same thing for peppers here.


Artichoke Imperial Star OG
Broccoli Bay Meadows
Brussels Sprouts Diablo
Cabbage Caraflex OG
Cabbage Farao OG
Cabbage Storage No. 4
Cauliflower Snow Crown
Cucumber Boothby's Blonde
Cucumber Diva
Cucumber Northern Pickling OG
Cucumber Poona Kheera OGbrown-skinned, from India
Eggplant Clara
Eggplant Galine
Ground Cherry Aunt Molly's OGalso called husk cherry
Melon Ambrosia canteloupe
Melon Arava OGgalia type
Melon Charentaisclassic french charentais
Melon Noir de Carmes OGcanteloupe
Okra Cajun Jewel OG
Pepper (Hot) Ancho Giganteaancho/poblano
Pepper (Hot) El Jefejalapeno
Pepper (Hot) Felicityjalapeno NO HEAT
Pepper (Hot) Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper (Hot) Joe's Long Cayenne
Pepper (Hot) Numex Joe E Parkeranaheim
Pepper (Sweet) Acematures green to red
Pepper (Sweet) Flavorburstmatures green to gold
Pepper (Sweet) Sweet Chocolate OGmatures to a rich chocolate
Pumpkin Winter Luxury OGfor pies
Purslane Golden OG
Summer Squash Black Beauty OGzucchini
Summer Squash Costata Romanesco OGzucchini
Summer Squash Flying Saucer scallop
Summer Squash Magdacousa type
Tomatillo Green Husk OG
Tomato Amish Paste OGpaste type
Tomato Bellstar OGpaste type
Tomato Better Boyslicer
Tomato Black From Tulaslicer
Tomato Black Krim OGslicer
Tomato Japanese Black Trifele OGpaste type
Tomato Mexico Midget OGcherry
Tomato Moskvich OGslicer
Tomato Park's Whopperslicer
Tomato Stupicesalad (and very early)
Watermelon Cream of Saskatchewan
Watermelon Moon & Stars OG
Watermelon Sweet Dakota Rose OG
Winter Squash Blue Ballethubbard
Winter Squash Burgess Buttercup OGbuttercup
Winter Squash Musquee de Provence OG
Winter Squash Potimarron
Winter Squash Thelma Sanders OGacorn
Winter Squash Tiptop PMRacorn


Basil Amerthyst Improved
Basil Genovese
Basil Italian Large Leaf
Basil Sweet Thai
Borage OG
Chervil OG
Cilantro Calypso
Cutting Celery Afina
Dill Boquet OG
Marjoram OG
Parsley Giant From Italy OG
Summer Savory


Amaranth Hopi Dye Red OG
Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena)
Marigold Durango Outback Mixprotect tomatoes from
Marigold Yummy Mummynematode and hornworm
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Jewel Mix OG
Sunflower Mongolian Giantboth are classic sunflowers
Sunflower Titanfor classic sunflower seeds
Zinnia Benary's Giant Mix
Zinnia Cactus Bright Jewel Mix